Optimising assets and delivering operational excellence
Leverage its relationship with the Sponsor (OUE Limited), which has extensive experience in the hospitality and real estate industry
Capture growth opportunities through the Sponsor’s industry insight
Maximise revenues and returns through enhancement to assets and growth opportunities
Collaborate effectively with Master Lessees to ensure that Hotel Managers optimise performance of the Hotels
Enhance operational performance to deliver disciplined growth

Growth through acquisitions
The Sponsor supports the portfolio growth of OUE H-REIT through offering a right of first refusal (ROFR) which provides OUE H-Trust with access to future acquisition opportunities and also, through lending its industry experience, network and expertise to the REIT Manager
Pursue opportunities that are high quality, value enhancing and have potential for business growth

Active capital and risk management
Maintain a strong balance sheet
Secure diversified funding sources from both financial institutions and capital markets
Manage the cost of debt financing, potential refinancing or repayment risks
Manage the exposure arising from adverse market movements in interest rates and foreign exchange through appropriate hedging strategies